Getting Down To Business

November 11, 2010

This week, we started two more injections: Repronex and Follistim, 150 units each. They are follicle-stimulating hormones that aid in development of multiple mature eggs. Each of my three injections have separate needles/syringes, vials, mixing meds, etc. Some are to be refrigerated, others are not. Some are at 6 am, others are at 7 pm. Some need mixing, measuring and clicking, it's like a secret handshake remembering all that's important with three separate injections.  Luckily, Nick remembers everything, and does all of the medical chemistry in the kitchen. I trust him.

The Follistim was a breeze compared to Repronex, which burned like the fires of hell, and left a lump the size of a golf ball, and makes me feel like I got hit by a garbage truck for the next 10 hours.

Fun fact: Repronex is made from gonadotropins extracted from the urine of post-menopausal women.  YUM!

This massive needle is used to slurp up some sodium chloride.

And then is squirted into this little vial with a little powdery pill. Then we swish it around until the pill dissolves. At which point we squirt that formula into yet another tiny vial to dissolve yet another powdery pill. Then, that formula is extracted, the needle switched to the blue needle...

And then my sexy husband grabs a handful of fat on my stomach, and jams that sucker in... squeezing in all that juicy goodness into my subcutaneous tissue.

Leaving lovely bruises. And a need to purchase more sweatpants.

And that's just the Repronex.

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  1. I found your blog from something listed on craigslist awhile back. I've been lurking for awhile...just want to say you are so incredibly brave!