The Calendar We Live By

November 15, 2010

We've been living the past couple weeks worshiping our IVF calendar, our every move based solely upon injections, timing, and whether refrigeration is available wherever we're headed. We've had injections at a wedding, at friends' houses, in a classroom at church.

I've been injected when I'm half awake. I've been injected when there aren't any places left on my stomach that aren't bruised or throbbing.

We've been making hour and a half long drives to Des Moines every other day for the last week to have bloodwork and ultrasounds to determine how well the ovaries are reacting to the injections. And today we got good news! There's a light at the end of the tunnel! Tonight we take the 'Trigger Shot' which is the final blow to my already swollen and over-stimulated ovaries. And 36 hours from now, we'll be making an early-morning trip to have my eggs harvested via a very large needle. Are you seeing a common theme here? Is there any part of this process that doesn't involve needles? If this was a football game, a needle would be the mascot.

Today during my ultrasound, each ovary was showing about 6 egg sacks. And the nurse told us that each egg sack was measuring almost an inch in diameter. That pretty much means that my ovaries are both roughly the size of a baseball. Literally. And here I thought I was getting fat.

Could really use a second bra to hold up my enormous sagging ovaries. There's a mental image that you can savor.

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