The Reason

October 15, 2010

Because I know that many will be reading this blog down the road, I feel compelled to share the reason that we don't want anyone to know our time-frame for IVF.
  • this is an extremely emotional time for us, and although we know our friends and family have good intentions, we don't want anyone asking us how things are going, or wondering if we're excited, etc. It's hard enough as it is to keep our anticipation at a minimum, without having the pressure of others' high hopes and expectations for the outcome.
  • If for some reason our IVF cycle fails and we do not conceive, we want to mourn together, on our own. Obviously we know we're going to have to tell everyone it didn't work at some point, but we want to be able to choose when to do that. When we're damn well ready.
  • In the event that we DO become pregnant, we just genuinely want everyone to be excited for us, instead of  'expecting it.' We've already had to give up that element of surprise that happens when a couple announces to family and friends that they're expecting. In fact, hundreds of complete strangers know of our struggle to conceive, and probably check our blog everyday, if for no other reason than to see if we're finally pregnant. In fact, we've made almost every aspect of our lives public information... partly because we love blogging, and are both very open people. But also because, it's therapeutic for us to just let it all out, and vent our trials and triumphs into the universe. Believe me, I let go of my pride a long time ago.
So, if you're feeling like you didn't deserve to be left out of the loop, do not dismay. My own mother doesn't know. My closest friends don't know. Just us. And the fertility Dr.

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