October 28, 2010

The week of injections has begun. And to be honest, I was kinda looking forward to it. Even though I'm terrified of needles, it's one stage closer to our ultimate goal!

So every night, at 8pm, I have to inject myself with 10 mL of Lupron, a substance most commonly used to treat hormone-responsive cancers (prostate/breast). But in this case, it's used to control ovarian function. In other words, it's shutting down my ovaries, and inducing menopause. Fun for me!

The reason for this ovary hibernation is so that, when the time is right, the next medication to be injected will jolt the ovaries back to life and cause them to mature many eggs at a rapid rate. A normal menstruating female only produces 1 mature egg each month. When they harvest my eggs, they could retrieve anywhere between 1 and 60 eggs... yikes!

So anywho, I thought I was looking forward to said injections, but kids... when the time came? I totally freaked out. I almost started crying, and Nick had to calm me down, hold me down, and shoot me up. I seriously better get used to this, because it's going to be a daily thing for several months. And after next week, it'll be 2-3 times per day.

Me and the needle? We're BFF's.


  1. I loved reading your blog. You started your shots on the day I gave birth to my baby boy who was conceived through IVF. I also loved the comment you said about people having a opinion on weather or not ivf is ethical and how sometimes you just need a little help in life! I had a few people who judged me for what I did but I can care less because it brought me the best thing in my life. Congrats on your twin girls.

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  3. Oh my God. Even though I am now a gram I cannot imagine anyone critizing how a true miracle was created. Unethical? What? I think it unimaginable and unethical to create a life then abuse what you DID NOT have to create.
    I enjoyed pregnancy because I felt like a beautiful woman the whole time, special, I wish we could have shown off our tummy more, (although, being a bit ahead of the times I did have a super bikini line)! I wanted a super large family but after a boy and a girl my hubby said, "we can't ask for more this". I thought yes we can, we could ask for 10 more. But, it ain't gonna happen.
    So, I thought about becoming a surrogate but for hubby that was a no go.
    Enjoy your blessings and every time your counting to ten or going to the laundry room to kick the washer (and it will happen because mom's have moments) remember how lucky we are to have science, God, highs and lows and wonderful outcomes not possible for generations past.