From Eggs to Embryos

November 18, 2010

Yesterday, I had a bit of a procedure. They took my eggs (via needle and ultrasound). I was under anesthesia and don't remember a thing. In fact, after I awoke, Nick had to tell me nine times that we got FOURTEEN eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourteen eggs.     Hell... YEAH!

During this procedure, Nick had the opportunity to "give another sample.' This time, not to determine count, but to actually fertilize my little eggs! This is really happening! I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that his portion was less painful and invasive than mine... but whatev.

"Here sweetie, you go in this room and take all your clothes off, let them put an IV in you, open your legs, and insert a 3 inch needle into your vagina in an effort to suck the contents of all eggs sacks in both already swollen and over-stimulated ovaries. I'll just be in this other room having an orgasm. We make such a great couple!"

Last night, we sat on our new brown sectional couch, and discussed how we were conceiving children... in a lab somewhere, at that very moment. They are fully ours, with both of our DNA. It's a weird feeling, let me tell ya.


Today, we got a phone call that, overnight, eight eggs were successfully fertilized! High five baby! We made eight babies last night in our sleep! You can call me the Octamom. Actually, please don't.

The nurse explained that half to two thirds of these will develop into strong functional embryos by Monday (Transfer Day!)... so we'll have to wait and see! We do know that they won't put more than two into my uterus at a time. Ideally, we'll have four strong ones... two to transfer, and two to freeze for a rainy day! Oh technology, how I'm grateful for your reproductive advancements.

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  1. Those women who are born fully functional many times just assume if they get lucky so does everyone. But, I think there are more us who need a boost or a great big push over the top of the swing set.
    My boost came before laproscopic anything and with an incision side to side just above the pubic line my ovaries had a sectioned removed to allow a surface that was not all scarred to release those little buggers and all the other components cleaned! Since puberty I was checked for appendicitis an uncountable number of times. Well no wonder I was always "fine". Except that polycystic ovarian syndrome mimics appendicitis and each time one bursts it scars till the surface is nothing but scar tissue.
    Within 2 months we were blessedly pregnant.
    Later on I would end up having the ovaries removed because it doesn't stop. After being pregnant the cysts became so painful there was no other choice. When 'the big one' hit I was driving my daughter back to Uof M. Present since my birth there were cysts of all kind, even 2 which medical science is still out on because they contain teeth, skin, hair etc., so some think they may have been a twin. Physicians do not see many of these so they were excited. I was bummed.
    This surgery is not done anymore I guess because whenever a physician sees the procedure they ask what it is. Too bad I think?
    You pulled the shortest straw however kiddo so its over the 'bar' for you. I wish you luck on every star in the heavens that you and your husband will be successful.